Acquire Faction Standings Quickly

July 2, 2008 at 1:14 AM (Uncategorized)

Update: 4/28/09
For whatever reason, this page is getting an awful lot of hits the last few days. This post is a year old and I can’t guarantee all this is still accurate. I’ve quit playing EVE for the moment, so I have no way of checking. Just bear that in mind.

So you want some faction warfare pew pew action, but don’t want to spend the next two weeks running missions for the required +0.5 faction standings? I can help with that.

The following guide assumes that you have zero or positive standings towards the faction of your choice.

Each faction has three Data Centers, each located in a different star system. In these data centers are NPC agents flying NPC ships. One agent in each of these data centers offers a Graduation Certificate mission which, when completed, raises your faction standings. lists the locations of these systems and reveals which agent offers the mission.

Each faction is allied to one other faction. Caldari with Amarr, Gallente with Minmatar. Once you have decided the faction on whose side you want to fight, run all six Graduation Certificate agents associated with your faction and the allied faction.

You also can buy pirate tags and give them to the other agents in these data centers. That will very quickly raise your faction standings. It will also cost quite a bit of ISK, as the price of the necessary tags has shot through the roof since the Empyrean Age expansion.

The certificate itself will list the name and location of another agent, one in each faction. Bring the certificates with you to that agent’s location and run their missions. The missions are the equivalent of a level 1 combat mission. Do this for your faction and the allied faction.

Depending on whether or not you have trained the “Social” skill beforehand, this by itself might put you at or above the +0.5 standings you need.

If not, you will need to run missions for the tutorial agents, as well as the next agent to which the tutorial agent directs you. I forget where these agents are located (if somebody could help me out here, hit me up ingame). The quickest way to find out is probably to create a noob alt of the same race, bloodline and ancestry as yourself, take note of who its tutorial agent is and go there with your faction warfare character. I would suggest deleting all agents from your People & Places before doing this or you will lose track of where the tutorial agent wants you to go.

I did all of this recently in order to place a spy in the enemy faction. All in all, it took roughly 9 man hours, much of which was just flying from one agent to another. Unless your standings are in the negative to begin with, this should put you at or above the required +0.5 standings. Now all you have to do is enlist.


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