Where did Rooker go?

December 8, 2008 at 6:26 PM (Uncategorized)

There may be a few people wondering about Rooker. Or not, but I’ll tell you what happened anyway.

I had a very nice job in Florida, which paid well and didn’t take up much time. That gave me a lot of free time to goof off, which was spent mainly playing EVE Online.


Well, it seems that over the last decade or so, certain money lending corporations decided to buy up a crapload of bad debt, then other companies started investing in that debt, on the theory that… well, that it was worth investing in it.

When the congress of our fine republic started asking questions, like “is that really a good idea?”, these corporations responded like anyone with that much cash would.

They bribed them (through their lobbyists) to make them shut up. Gotta love a country where you can get the best damn laws money can buy.

One day, someone suddenly realized that what makes bad debt “bad” is the fact that nobody is ever going to pay it. Upon realizing that several trillion dollars had become tied to something less valuable than this cup of coffee on my desk, the American economy collapsed.

To make a short story shorter, I got laid off. I couldn’t afford my rent (on a very nice house in Fort Myers) and had to move to cheaper accommodations before my savings account was eaten up entirely.

I now live in Georgia, in a place where the local ISP’s scratched their heads and looked at each other in confusion when I asked about DSL or cable internet. There is only dial-up, which would have to go over ancient telephone cables that can barely carry voice and there is satellite.

So I got satellite. And EVE just doesn’t work over satellite. I tried. I managed to log in once or twice, but it never let me stay connected longer than about thirty seconds. Not a very healthy thing for a combat character. So, I let Rooker expire.

Sucks too, because he was just getting good at it. Just over 30 million skill points, which is definitely above the sweet spot. And CCP, goddamn them, changed it so that you can’t train skills when you’ve expired. I think Battleship 5 may have finished an hour or two before they shut it off.

One day, if a job ever opens up again anywhere on the North American continent (I’ll sneak into Mexico if I have to), I’ll be back. Shooting at you.

And your pod.

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    […] the last few days. This post is a year old and I can’t guarantee all this is still accurate. I’ve quit playing EVE for the moment, so I have no way of checking. Just bear that in mind. […]

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