Buggy Whip Industry Went Extinct. These Idiots Are Next.

April 24, 2009 at 6:47 AM (Uncategorized)

I’m saving this guy’s Slashdot comment from this post for posterity here.

The idiot, dumbass companies that own or buy up the copyrights to music, movies, video games and TV shows bitch and moan all the time about people downloading unauthorized copies of the content from the internet and how it costs them all sorts of bullshit, inflated amounts of money, despite the fact that they themselves are directly responsible for much of it happening.

The makers of buggy whips for horse-drawn wagons couldn’t have been very happy when the cheap, mass-produced automobile eliminated the need for their entire industry. The pre-internet music and movie distribution companies will be next on the ash heap of history.

And the sooner the better, because Jesus freakin’ Christ, enough is enough! Get the hell out of our way so we can buy our movies, music, TV shows and video games in whatever form is convenient to us without you idiots trying to sabotage it – and yourselves – at every turn.

A century from now, people are going to look back at the behavior of today’s music and movie mafiaa and wonder why the hell we let them get away with this sort of idiotic nonsense.

Anyway, here’s the quote I came here to save before I started ranting…

* by kklein (900361) on Tuesday February 03

Actually, I got the message that iTMS was not to be used from outside of the US months ago (I live in Japan). They said they might check. Thus far, they haven’t. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Also, Amazon MP3 won’t sell to me anymore, although they do for my friends. I had to buy a book for work from the US site and registered my Japanese credit card (my work can only reimburse expenditures made in yen), and then, like magic, Amazon MP3 stopped working. I’ve even tried making a new account with a different US credit card, and yet Amazon now knows I’m in Japan, but doesn’t know that my buddy down the street, who has only ever used his US credit card with the US site, is as well.

I absolutely hate pirating music. I reject it on ethical grounds, and I hate tracks being mis-labeled (I have never entered track names by myself–who are these people who can’t spell who are entering ID3 tags on pirated songs???) and having no control over the bitrate I get, and the album art requiring looking and futzing… It’s just a shitty way to get music for all involved.

But when I’m not even allowed to buy it online (except for on CD–which I still do for music I really, really like, so I can rip it lossless), what’s a boy to do?

The world was looking so pretty, without all those borders… Why do companies and governments need to redraw them through technological means? The promise of the internet is being quashed everywhere you look…


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