Karen Morin Is Not Fit To Be A Parent

May 7, 2009 at 12:41 AM (Uncategorized)

I’ve just spotted a headline on Fark about a mother, Karen Morin of Boston, Mass., who discovers that her daughter’s university has implemented a new housing policy. Put simply, they will house young men and women together in the same dorm rooms.

Mommy Morin does not like this. Not at all. Apparently it offends her sense of morality that her adult daughter and her classmates share a dorm with young men.

She informed her 22 year old daughter that she will no longer pay for her college education. “Drop out or pay for it yourself” was her reaction.

The daughter has had to take out a loan in order to finish her education. How she managed to find a bank willing to make a loan to a college student in today’s economy is beyond me.

That is just disgraceful. Karen Morin is not fit to be a parent.

Graduating from college is not a guarantee that a person will be successful. On the other hand, not graduating from college is a pretty good indicator that you will not be successful and will live in or close to poverty for most of your life. Not a guarantee, but a pretty good indicator.

Karen Morin would condemn her child’s future to failure because her precious morality was offended. That her child’s entire future could be ruined is less important than the fact that she feels offended. That her child and grandchildren may live in poverty is less important than the fact that she feels offended.

None of that matters to Karen Morin. The only detail that Karen Morin finds important is that her morality has been offended. The welfare of her child is unimportant next to that.

Karen Morin is not fit to be a parent.

Karen Morin should know better. No person worthy of being a parent would do something like this, but Momma Morin in particular should know better. Karen Morin is a teacher. She knows the value of an education and how important it is to have one.

But that doesn’t matter. Karen Morin’s morality has been offended!

The hell with her children. The hell with her future grandchildren. The hell with everything else. Only Karen Morin’s morality is of any importance.

Karen Morin is not fit to be a parent.

Many parents sacrifice half their lives in order to send their kids to college. Some people work themselves into early heart attacks or strokes so that they can afford the college tuition for their children to get that education. Others simply can’t afford it no matter what they do and they are bitter about it for the rest of their lives. They weep in frustration because they just can’t make it happen.

And Karen Morin refuses to finish paying her daughter’s tuition because she is offended.

Karin Morin is not fit to be a parent.

She would deny her child a college education out of an inflated sense of self importance. This woman should be ashamed of herself.

I hope someone who works in Boston’s Child Protective Services (or whatever it’s called there) opens a file on Karin Venable Morin. There are younger children involved who are not yet of college age. If this small, self important, narrow minded control freak would deny her oldest a college education, who knows what sort of neglect may be happening in that home to the younger ones.

Karen Morin is not fit to be a parent.


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