Hughesnet, Where’s My Internet?

May 20, 2009 at 2:29 AM (Uncategorized)

I am thoroughly disgusted right now.

At around 1:30ish PM on May 18, my internet connection was, for reasons unknown, throttled by Hughesnet under their (un)Fair Access Policy.

Hughes deceives customers by stating that when a connection is throttled by FAP, it is reduced to dial-up speeds. In reality, the internet connection is rendered nearly useless. Dial-up speed would be a profound upgrade. Even RSS feeds take forever to load.

I wasn’t downloading things or watching YouTube. I was just browsing the web. Some of the web pages were a little heavy on images, but not to the tune of 200MB (the limit at which they hose your connection). I don’t have a clue what set off the FAP limit and I’m starting to wonder if something is just plain broken.

These FAP throttles are meant to last only for 24 hours. It is now 2:00AM on May 20 and the FAP is still active. Hughes is now 13 hours past due on reactivating my service and I am getting impatient. I have things to do and I don’t pay Hughes’ exorbitant monthly fee for a connection that is 1/10th the speed of dial-up.

FAP does not apply between 2:00 and 7:00AM. For two days in a row now, I’ve been stuck to these hours to use the internet for anything useful. I had meant to post some new stuff here, but I can’t even browse to research what I want to write about, except in the dead of night.

I am sick to death of Hughes satellite internet and wish I had not let myself be scammed into being locked into a contract for it. I wish I’d just stuck with dial-up. The service would have been far superior to what I have right now and I’d be paying far less each month.

If anybody needs a roommate in Wilson, North Carolina (and if there are any jobs there), I’d be happy to move, just so I could have that beautiful Greenlight service the city sells.

Hah! Now 4:30AM and I just looked at the modem’s control panel again. FAP is finally deactivated. Damned well better stay that way.



  1. Internet Strategist@GrowMap said,

    Hello Rooker, I feel your pain. I’m not even Fapped (only because I upgraded to paying a truly ridiculous $141 a month for their “PRO” plan) and half the time lately all I see are little circling wait images on every Web page.

    56.6k Dial-up is faster than this and when it is really bad – even when I am not under FAP – it is, as you say – far worse than dial-up.

    Did you see the post today about someone suing HughesNet: Satellite Net Service Sued for Caps, Paltry Bandwidth. I would leave a link but I’m not sure of your commenting policy. The date on it is today, May 20, 2009.

    • Rooker said,

      If it’s relevant, link it.
      Edit: found it

      I wouldn’t mind if it went to dial-up speeds if/when I went over the limit. I could use the improvement over what I actually get. Can’t hardly browse at all when FAP is active.

  2. yolarrydabomb said,

    If you using HN700S then you need hnfapmon…

    but you need to change a few files to get it working tho. I recommend Binary’s post

    • Rooker said,

      I’ve got the HN9000 which seems not to be compatible with that. I’m looking now at some router upgrades that might be useful for keeping track.

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