Zombie Blog Anyone?

May 31, 2009 at 9:06 AM (Uncategorized)

A few years ago, a friend and I started co-writing a zombie blog. Yes, really.

It was a blog written by a fictional person in the present day just as a zombie apocalypse breaks out. We were having fun writing out bizarre posts, making up fake IRC chat logs, quoting hysterical postings from non-existent blogs etc.

Because, if a zombie apocalypse happened right now, you just know the people not-yet-eaten and barricaded in some building would be blogging and Twittering about it. That is EXACTLY what would happen.

We were backdating it so that, when it was unleashed upon the world, it would look like this all had started a month previously and then begin updating on a regular basis from that point forward, like a real blog. Just to have enough backstory to get people interested in keeping up with it. IMHO, we had some good stuff on there.

Unfortunately, my friend sorta disappeared. Like, just completely vanished and nobody knows what happened. Since it was his site and he was the (sorta, kinda) famous one, that put the kibosh on that.

I’ve been thinking about restarting the idea on my own. It was fun and the idea still sounds fun now. And besides, now I wouldn’t have to share credit with someone who was e-famous. >.> <.<

I would have to start a new blog for it. It would look pretty stupid mixed in with the other crap I post here. WordPress.com lets you do more than one blog, right? (Note to self: Go find out about that)

Anyway, good idea? Dumb? Die in a fire?


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  1. M Wilson said,

    Sounds like an interesting idea. Very topical as they are shooting a film version of World War Z as we speak. You would be right on time to ride the wave of interest that project is bound to generate…

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