Tehran is on fire

June 13, 2009 at 5:09 PM (Uncategorized)

The capital of Iran is burning. The Iranian people are angry as hell and have taken to the streets in widespread protest of Friday’s election results.

Rioting in Tehran

Rioting in Tehran

I am watching history unfold as it happens. Well, I’m reading about it anyway. I can’t seem to find very much about it on American television. People are writing and ranting about it in enormous numbers on Twitter.

The situation in a nutshell: the government of the incumbent president of Iran announced that he won Friday’s election with 62% of the vote. The problem with that is that nobody is buying it.

Somehow I don't believe people came out in droves for the status quo.

Somehow I don't believe people came out in droves for the status quo.

Supporters of Mir Hussein Mousavi, the man who generally was favored to win the election, believe the government rigged the vote or that it simply did not count the votes before announcing “the result”. Mousavi remains defiant and refuses to accept defeat.

There are widespread – and so far unconfirmed – reports that Mousavi has been placed under house arrest. Someone, on what I think is his Twitter account, posts an occasional update to his supporters.

The latest message on the account (as I write this) is calling on the people of Tehran to climb onto the roofs of buildings and shout “ALAHO AKBAR” in protest.

We all have seen television footage in the past of Iranian crowds chanting “Death to America.” Well, tonight Iranians are clashing with police and chanting “Death to the dictator, death to Ahmadinejad“.

The Iranian government is trying to block the people there from communicating with the rest of the world. Facebook is blocked, as well as many other websites. SMS text messaging has been disabled.

If you are in Iran, supposedly you still can access Facebook at the following address: http://www.wwww.www.facebook.com/home.php

If Twitter also is blocked, you might try http://m.twitter.com/ or http://dabr.co.uk/.

This event is still happening right now – and I am not a reporter, so this is all I’m writing about it today (probably) – and here is what I’ve been doing to keep up with it.

Keep a watch on these search terms.

Follow @mousavi1388 @StopAhmadi @jimsciuttoABC

Mousavi’s Flickr account has numerous photographs of the rioting in Tehran and of injured protesters. Many of them are pretty graphic. He also has a YouTube account.

A blogger who says he is an Iranian in Tehran is continually updating a blog with photographs of the violence in Tehran.

If you are Iranian, I hope you understand that a very large number of Westerners are cheering you on right now and hope that your man Mousavi becomes the next President of Iran. I am American and I’m cheering for you.

It is the government of Iran we have a problem with, not the people of Iran. Good luck over there.

Update: Mousavi has written an open letter to the people of Iran


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