American Media #Fails

June 14, 2009 at 12:22 AM (Uncategorized)

Major American media outlets dropped the ball Saturday in reporting the news about events inside Iran. Very little information about the violent protests and fraudulent election results there was available anywhere in the American media for most of the day.

Yes, it’s the weekend and much of the “talent” is gone, but this really is inexcusable. These people all have pagers and cellphones which should start ringing when something like this happens.

The Associated Press did have one excellent article about the violence. Beyond that, very little news was to be found.

Where was the television coverage? Headline News, all day long, kept repeating the same 30-second blurb about Ahmadinejad being declared the winner, with Mousavi accusing the government of vote-rigging.

And that’s about it.

At 6:30PM Eastern, the traditional “Big 3” networks, during their national news programs, had the first real coverage of Iran that I saw in American press today. I watched ABC’s report, since it was reported by Jim Sciutto, who I was following on Twitter at the time.

ABC’s Sciutto has done excellent work there today, even after being reduced to shooting footage with his cell phone camera. The police seized his other video equipment. Props where props are due and certainly he earned them.

YouTube, FlickR and Twitter have been the main source of information about Iran for, well, everybody. Most of the news appearing on these social media sites were posted there by the people directly involved.

A large part of the video and photographic imagery from Iran has come from the social media accounts belonging to Mir Hossein Mousavi, the man who everyone believes was robbed of his rightful election victory.

On Twitter, people all day have been asking “where are the news reports? Where is CNN“?

I even wondered that myself a few times. I saw stories about Sarah Palin and the idiotic joke about her daughter from David Letterman. I saw stories about Casey Anthony and many stories about Amanda Knox.

About Iran, I saw next to nothing.

Hey CNN, look over here

Hey CNN, look over here

Somebody tap on CNN's window

Somebody tap on CNN's window

Wonder if CNN would notice this?

Wonder if CNN would notice this?


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