Exposing The Hussein Meme

June 29, 2009 at 6:20 AM (Uncategorized)

A meme has emerged on the web related to the way many people write about President Obama. The president frequently is referred to as Barack Hussein Obama. In most of these cases, it is written by someone who does not like the president or his politics.

Common usage is to refer to a president as President [first name] [last name] or simply as President [last name]. A president’s middle name usually is not used, except in formal writing. The name is used sarcastically, as part of the Hussein meme.

The purpose of the meme is to draw attention to the president’s middle name, which is of Arabic origin. By emphasizing President Obama’s Arabic middle name, the author is taking a low-brow verbal jab at him. It is meant to insult the president without saying anything objectionable.

In doing this, the author expresses their own personal prejudice against Arabs and possibly Muslims. There can be no other explanation for harboring the belief that pointing out that a person’s middle name is Arabic is an insult.

The Hussein meme is annoying, childish and it displays an unacceptable racial and religious intolerance. It needs to stop.

I have noticed that the way in which the meme is used can be an accurate indicator of the level of animosity felt towards the president by the author. With that in mind, I present you with Rooker’s Hussein Law.

Rooker’s Hussein Law: The strength of a person’s dislike for President Obama is directly proportional to the chance that they will refer to him by his middle name.

Escalation Corollary: As the above person’s dislike for President Obama intensifies, the more likely it becomes that they will stop using the president’s first name altogether.

Abbreviated Corollary: The more clever the author believes himself to be, the more likely he is to refer to President Obama simply as BHO.

Sarcasm Corollary: The more sarcastic the tone of such a person, the more likely they are to refer to President Obama simply as H., as an ironic verbal jab at those who in the past referred sarcastically to President Bush as W.

Nuthatch Corollary: The more mentally unstable such a person is, the more likely they are to press the CAPSLOCK BUTTON before typing President Obama’s middle name.

Any time you see Rooker’s Hussein Law in action, have fun identifying which, if any, of the corollaries apply. It can even be turned into a drinking game, if you visit certain qualifying websites. Have fun.

With apologies to Mike Godwin.

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