It is time to call out the GOP

July 23, 2009 at 8:45 AM (Uncategorized)

The Republicans are spreading insane rhetoric about the president and Democrats in general, they are doing it in front of the people and Democrats are letting them get away with it. Democrats, you are dropping the ball in the court of public opinion. It is time to get back into the game.

The Republicans drove this country off a cliff during the disastrous reign of Bush II. The price tag to fix the damage they caused is anywhere from seven to nine TRILLION dollars. That is how much of the public’s money will have to be spent to save from bankruptcy the largest, wealthiest corporations in the world.

This was, without question, the fault of George Bush and the Republican Party. The Republicans broke this country, led it into the worst economic recession since the 1930s and we the people are paying trillions of dollars to fix the devastation caused by their incompetent mismanagement.

So someone needs to explain just how in the hell the Republicans have successfully turned efforts to fix the damage they caused into a political attack against Democrats!

Everywhere I look these days, there are Republicans railing against government spending and the budget deficit. They point to how terrible the economy is and accuse President Obama of spending the country into bankruptcy.

Every time we have to bail another megacorporation out of bankruptcy, Republicans stand in front of a camera and denounce it as a sign that we are descending into socialism. They even point to the stimulus money as an example of out-of-control government spending.

Let me say this more plainly. The Republicans are attacking Democrats for spending the money needed to fix problems that the Republicans themselves have created.

Worse, a growing number of people are starting to believe the rhetoric! Why do you think the president’s numbers are slipping in the polls?

The people are beginning to believe the lies and it is because Democrats are letting the Republicans get away with telling them. Just because the rhetoric they spread is ridiculous doesn’t mean that people won’t believe it.

Republicans are saying things that can be debunked very easily; things that makes them look bad once the truth is revealed. They are spreading lies about problems they caused and it is time to call out them on that.

Every time the Republicans point to the budget deficit, Democrats need to point at the budget surplus that we used to have before the GOP spent all of it. The Republicans caused this budget deficit, so why are you letting them attack you on it?

Every time the Republicans point to banks throwing people out of their homes or just failing altogether, Democrats need to point to the GOP’s deregulation of the financial industry that led to this mess. The Republicans caused the banking crisis, so why are you letting them attack you on it?

Every time the Republicans point out that the war in Afghanistan is not going well, Democrats need to point to the full-scale invasion of Iraq that sucked hundreds of thousands of troops away from the fight against the Taliban and Al Quaeda. It was the Republicans that wanted a war with Iraq and weakened our efforts in Afghanistan, so why are you letting them attack you on it?

Every time the Republicans stand on a soapbox and tells the people that Obamacare will place a bureaucrat between patients and their doctors, Democrats need to point out that there already is a bureaucrat standing there. That bureaucrat works for the insurance company and his job is to deny medical treatment to people in order to preserve profits for his corporation’s stockholders.

Stop flailing around worrying about who got the second question at a press conference last month or who is ghost-writing Sarah Palin’s new book. None of that matters.

When the Republicans stand in front of the people and blatantly lie about what led us to the situation we are in now, the Democrats need to stand in front of a hundred times as many people and tell them what really happened!

The Republicans are distorting history to blame Democrats for making the hard decisions needed to fix a Republican mess. In the absence of accurate rebuttal, people are starting to believe those lies.

There are real issues that we need to address. The Republicans nearly destroyed this country with their mismanagement. It is time to put a stop to their campaign of lies, before it moves the people to oppose the steps that are needed to fix the damage.

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  1. Todd said,

    I was just reading an article on Dr. Tiller which mentioned that he was shot by another lunatic in August of 1993 which was the year Bill Clinton was elected. Unlike the recent shooting, he survived the first attempt. Interesting how he was shot and killed right after Barack Obama is elected.

    When Clinton was elected, the conservatives also went off the deep end. A descent into madness that culminated in the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh. It seems that we are once again walking down that road.

    We already have Dr. Tiller’s murder, and we have a right wing lunatic who started shooting at the Holocaust Museum. Would it really be surprising at this point if another building goes up in flames?

    The Department of Homeland Security recently issued a memo concerning the possibility of domestic terrorism. In that memo, it warns about people who are associated with the anti-choice and anti-immigration movements.

    The republican leadership seems more than willing to allow it to happen by silently encouraging the crazier elements within their own party. Of course, they will distance themselves from the violence after the fact, but they will still be responsible.

    The next few years are likely to become extremely ugly.

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