Did AT&T Really Censor 4chan?

July 27, 2009 at 7:26 AM (Uncategorized)

Internet. Serious Business.

The Internet Is Serious Business

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Customers of AT&T DSL and U-Verse internet services throughout the United States began to notice Sunday evening that they were cut off from parts of the popular website 4chan.org. In particular, the /r9k/ and the infamous /b/ image boards could not be accessed.

The regions affected were largely in the West, Midwest, parts of Connecticut and Texas. No reports of blockage were reported in other parts of the United States.

AT&T later confirmed to CentralGadget.com that they were blocking portions of the site but did not disclose why they were doing it. Full access to the site was restored at around 1:50AM Eastern Monday morning.

As the news of this event bounced back and forth across the unblocked parts of 4chan, Twitter, IRC chat channels, message boards, blogs and at least three different wiki sites, a clear consensus emerged regarding what AT&T’s reasons might have been for blocking 4chan: censorship.
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