H & M – A Company Run By Douchebags

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[Update at the bottom]

This is one of the most despicable things I’ve ever heard of. A retailer in New York City called H & M cuts up unpurchased clothing before throwing it away.

This leaves the homeless people who have to dig through garbage for their survival unable to use these clothes. Just down the street from that store is a collection point for a charity group that distributes clothing to the poor. These people at H & M have got to be the most massive assholes ever born.

They refused to talk to the reporter before that story was filed. Now that it’s published, I bet they’ll release a statement soon to the effect that “we do this to prevent someone else from picking them out of the trash and selling them.”

Even if that is true – and it sounds perfectly plausible – it still doesn’t change the fact that the people at H & M are massive, fucking assholes.

I’ll concede that they have no obligation to donate their unsold merchandise to charity – although that would be right thing to do. Whatever – I’ll concede the point. But these assholes go to the extra effort and expense to destroy the clothing before discarding them.

If these douchebags are willing to pay someone to sit there with a box cutter (or scissors or *whatever*) cutting up perfectly wearable clothing, they can pay that same person to dump the clothes into a wheelbarrow and wheel it down to the clothing collection site.

Or even just throw them out intact, which would require LESS effort than what they do now.

H & M is on my shitlist now. That company is managed by world-class assholes and I will never spend so much as a penny in one of their stores.

Yeah, that figures. I’m two days late writing about this. They’ve already been shamed into halting this despicable activity. (h/t to Faerie Kat)

Damage control in the face of overwhelmingly bad publicity doesn’t excuse the fact that it happened in the first place and they are still douchebags, but at least they’re going to stop doing this. And I’m still not going to shop there.

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  2. Mike said,

    The common defense involves stores being afraid of people making fraudulent returns; even that doesn’t hold any water when the majority of retailers refuse returns without a receipt.

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