How To Remove YouTube’s New Quicklist Toolbar

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Please Note: This post is old, written in July 2010. This information may be out of date now.

[Updated] Instructions updated for Chrome and Firefox. Video and links updated.

YouTube has made a change to their website in the last few days that many users consider to be very annoying. The queued videos playlist, which used to be located on the sidebar just above the links for “Related” videos, has been turned into a large toolbar area at the bottom of the web browser. You can see it for yourself either by queuing a video from the “Related” area (click on the large + sign) or by going to your subscriptions page and clicking on a video from there.

This toolbar (quicklist, dashbar, dashboard, whatever-you-want-to-call-it) expands and shoves itself into view if you go near it with the mouse, if you pause, or even if you do nothing at all. Worse, it automatically begins playing whatever video is next in the queue. Even if you turn off the autoplay, it turns itself back on again the very next time you load a video. Worst of all, YouTube has provided no way to make this obnoxious thing go away.

YouTube users absolutely frigging hate it.

Thankfully, although YouTube neglected to provide an off switch, the internet itself has come to the rescue, at least if you use Firefox or Chrome. A YouTube user posted a video with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to block YouTube’s annoying grey bar. Read the rest of this entry »

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An Example of the Difference Between Science and Pseudoscience (via Freethinking for Dummies)

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Read the blog below, then go read this article at and compare the two. Scientists really are a rare breed.

I read an article today in Physics World that is a great example of one of the big differences between science and pseudoscience. The article describes a series of experiments that shows that the size of the proton, one of the particles that make up an atom, is smaller that previous experiments have shown and, more importantly, than theory has predicted. The part that really interested me and that is the basis of this post was near the end of the … Read More

via Freethinking for Dummies

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