How To Remove YouTube’s New Quicklist Toolbar

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Please Note: This post is old, written in July 2010. This information may be out of date now.

[Updated] Instructions updated for Chrome and Firefox. Video and links updated.

YouTube has made a change to their website in the last few days that many users consider to be very annoying. The queued videos playlist, which used to be located on the sidebar just above the links for “Related” videos, has been turned into a large toolbar area at the bottom of the web browser. You can see it for yourself either by queuing a video from the “Related” area (click on the large + sign) or by going to your subscriptions page and clicking on a video from there.

This toolbar (quicklist, dashbar, dashboard, whatever-you-want-to-call-it) expands and shoves itself into view if you go near it with the mouse, if you pause, or even if you do nothing at all. Worse, it automatically begins playing whatever video is next in the queue. Even if you turn off the autoplay, it turns itself back on again the very next time you load a video. Worst of all, YouTube has provided no way to make this obnoxious thing go away.

YouTube users absolutely frigging hate it.

Thankfully, although YouTube neglected to provide an off switch, the internet itself has come to the rescue, at least if you use Firefox or Chrome. A YouTube user posted a video with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to block YouTube’s annoying grey bar.

How to remove the queue bar (Firefox & Chrome):

Done. Doing this will entirely remove the new quicklist toolbar and prevent queued videos from playing automatically. These instructions are demonstrated in the video.

If you liked the queue feature for related videos (when it was still located in the sidebar), you can still use it. Just click the + sign on a related video as you normally would. You can play these queued videos from your user control panel.

This fix will, unfortunately, disrupt your ability to watch a playlist you’ve created. However, you can simply disable Greasemonkey before visiting YouTube and playlists should work as normal (In Firefox anyway. Not sure how to do this in Chrome).

I hope this helps someone out there. If anyone knows how to accomplish the same thing in other browsers (especially Opera), please leave a comment to let me know.

If you wish to leave a comment such as “How dare YouTube change their free service without permission!?”, don’t. Please go back and finish your nap and leave the adults alone.

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  2. cs475x said,

    If you are like me, then you use Chrome for watching YouTube videos because Firefox decides to pause every 10 seconds and ruin the viewing experience.

    For Chrome, do the following:
    Download ‘AdBlock+ Element Hiding Helper by ruzanow’ here-

    Once installed, go into the preferences and add the same three filters to the ‘Global filters’ area.

    Then, go to the page for the Greasemonkey script (, click “Install” and then “Continue” at the bottom of your browser. Click “Install” and you are done. Chrome accepts Greasemonkey scripts as if they were native Chrome extensions.

  3. TheSkepticalAtheist said,

    This doesn’t quite work because it doesn’t disable autoplay. The bar is blocked, but the autoplay function is still in effect.

    This grey bar thing was such a stupid idea.

    • Rooker said,

      In which browser? It worked for me in Firefox.

  4. 1_too_1 said,

    holy cheese it works. thank you so much for this. no problems with either ff or chrome

  5. Rooker said,

    Link & video updated. The person who did the original video made a new one with better instructions.

  6. Pie said,


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