Baptists Tell Grieving Mom Her Son Burns In Hell For Going To The Wrong Church

September 16, 2010 at 4:30 PM (Uncategorized)

A mother sits on her porch watching her children play in the front yard. Down the street, a small contingent of Baptist proselytizers carry their pamphlets from door to door. They approach the mother’s house and she steps down off the porch to chat with them.

In the course of the conversation, the Baptists remark on the children playing in the yard and ask if they belong to the mother. She tells them she has four children and that she just recently lost a fifth child. One of the Baptists asks the mother where she attends church and she gives the name of the Episcopalian church just up the street.

The Baptists frown and shake their head in sadness. They explain to the mother that her eldest and recently deceased child is burning in Hell because she goes to the wrong church.

Yes, people like that really exist.

Not only do people like that exist, they appear to be quite proud of themselves. The mother in question blogged about the incident. If the story itself doesn’t slake your thirst for outrage, scroll down and read all the comments from someone calling themselves “Bless_the_Beast.”

Not only does Bless_the_Beast defend the reprehensible behavior of those Baptist proselytizers, he or she actually takes other commenters to task for daring to speak out against them, then tries to start a flame war with those commenters who are Catholic. Another commenter, addressing Bless_the_Beast directly, puts it best: “May God put His arm around your shoulder and His hand over your mouth.”

If only he’d do the same to all his believers.

(h/t Mojoey)



  1. He Bangs said,

    You have the story wrong but that’s ok since it’s just being used to attack Christians.

    “They shook their heads sadly and explained in so many words that given where I go to church, it’s possible that Henry is actually burning in hell right now. “

    • Rooker said,

      I have the story right and its purpose here is to spotlight the outrageous and inexcusable behavior of horrible people abusing the grief of a mother for their own ends.

      I’m very happy to see a large number of Christians (as well as some Mormons and Jews) calling out those people for what they did. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior.

  2. He Bangs said,

    They didn’t say Henry was burning in Hell.

    (IMO given his mother’s admittance that he was not a Christian it’s pretty much a given that he is.)

    According to Granju, they said it’s a *possibility* that he was.

    Get the facts right before you lie about people to foster your own belief system.

    • Rooker said,

      My facts are just fine. Those people were exploiting a mother’s grief by trying to trick her into thinking something horrible is happening to her child so they could gain something for themselves. Nothing I believe or disbelieve changes the fact that they are massive douchebags for doing what they did.

  3. YoMama said,

    How is it possible in 2010 that people actually believe that choosing one religion over another actually gives a person a better shot at resting in peace? I am baffled. My family is comprised of Roman Catholics, Jews, agnostics, Unitarians, and one lone (but not lonely) Baptist. We all love each other, we all respect each others’ beliefs, and we have the common thread that is tolerance and acceptance. And not one of us would say anything so ridiculous and wrong to a woman who has lost a child. So you tell me: which ones are going to hell again, and why??? No, really.

    • Rooker said,

      That’s probably the silliest part of the whole thing. Somebody from one Christian denomination won’t agree someone from another is a “true” Christian because of some small difference. They all pray to the same God, claim to follow the teachings of the same messiah, say mostly the same prayers and follow mostly the same rituals while all of them are reading from the same version of the same bible.

      I just wish they could all take a step back and realize how ridiculous they look arguing about it.

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