The people demanding Weiner resign need to sit down, shut up and pull their head out of their ass

June 9, 2011 at 5:42 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

So, you think Anthony Weiner should resign, do you? You think what he did warrants calling for him to step down?

You do? Well then, you’re an idiot. What Weiner did was practically nothing compared to what goes on at Capitol Hill.

David Vitter sat on the floor of the Senate, during debates and votes, and arranged to meet with prostitutes. A Supreme Court Justice has failed to disclose the income from his wife’s political activities and still refuses to recuse himself from cases where he will directly benefit from the rulings. Congressman Joe Barton is so corrupted by British Petroleum that he actually apologized to their CEO for the White House’s demand that his company pay for cleaning up the mess they caused in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now what did Weiner do again? He flirted with women on the internet and sent them pictures. He flirted with women he never actually met in person or had any other relationship with. By what idiotic person’s fucked up sense of priorities is that a reason to demand someone resign while ignoring what those other people have done?

Nobody but he and his wife have any right to comment on Anthony Weiner’s private life. I am enraged and disgusted to see such prudish, puritanical outrage about this coming from liberals who are always the first and loudest to shout that the government should stay out of our bedrooms. Fucking hypocrites.

He should resign because he lied? So he lied to the press, boo-fucking-hoo. The press was snooping into a private matter that was none of their business. He didn’t lie about his job, legislation, national security, campaign contributions or anything else that actually matters. The worst thing he did here was demonstrate catastrophically-bad PR skill after an accidental disclosure about his private life. That calls for the hiring of a new spokesman, not a resignation.

How many Republicans repeated that “Death Panels” lie? How many Republicans repeated that “jobs killing bill” lie? How many Republicans repeated that “government takeover of health care” lie? How many Republicans said America has “the best health care in the world,” despite it being blatantly obvious that our system is the worst in the industrialized world? How many politicians blatantly lie about important things every single day with nobody demanding they resign over it?

Weiner lied to the press about something that was none of their goddamn business. If you think that’s a reason he should resign, you need to pull your head out of your ass and reset your priorities to be in line with reality.

Politicians lie; that’s just how it is. If you want to start to holding them accountable for it now, then there are far better targets for that than someone who was just trying to keep his private life private.

He should resign because it’s a distraction? The birth certificate was a distraction. The beer summit was a distraction. The “OMFG OBAMA IS GOING TO INDOCTRINATE OUR CHILDREN!” hysteria was a distraction. Did you think President Obama should have resigned over any of these things so we could deal with more important matters? Well, did you?

These nationwide displays of moral outrage always go away in a couple of weeks. Remember the FCC commissioner who approved the Comcast / NBC merger shortly before resigning to take a job as a Comcast lobbyist? That was blatant, in-your-face bribery and corruption that infuriated the entire nation. Even some of the corporate-sponsored Republicans were outraged.

Is anybody still talking about that? No, America’s short attention span has moved on to other things. Demanding Weiner resign over this silly scandal when it will blow over on its own anyway is ridiculous. In a week or two, we will all be griping about something else, hopefully something that actually matters.

We have too few Democrats in the House as it is. Thanks to the childish temper tantrums of some people on the left, not enough people last November fulfilled the one moral duty required of any citizen of a democracy and so now the House of Representatives is dominated by Republicans.

Anthony Weiner may have lost some of his clout but we still need his vote and his voice. He was always one of the few willing to call out Republicans and Blue Dogs on their ignorant, narrow-minded, corporate-sponsored bullshit. We need more people like Anthony Weiner, regardless of how frisky they get in online chats. If he resigns over such a ridiculous, irrelevant controversy, it will be an absolute tragedy.

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