I am Rooker. ‘Rooker’ originally was the name of a character that I used to play in EVE Online. That originally was what I intended to blog about on this site.

Thanks to the collapse of the American economy, I had to move to some God forsaken place in the middle of nowhere. There is no broadband here. There is only satellite and EVE does not work on this connection.

So now, this is just another personal blog. This is where I’ll dump things that I write and don’t know where else to put it.

My Name
If you happen to know my name, keep that to yourself. I don’t want employers or interviewers coming here from a google search and getting offended by something.

There should really be no reason for you to contact me privately. If you know me, then you should know how to get in touch with me already.

Except in rare cases, comments are enabled on all posts. If you want to discuss something posted here, do it in the comments section.

I am usually very active on Twitter. If you need to talk to me for some reason and expect an answer the same week, use Twitter.

If you happen to have my email address, be warned that I almost never log into the account. I hate email and wish someone would outlaw it. I have an email account only because it is impossible to register on most web sites without one. It is highly unlikely that I will see your email in the same month that you sent it, so don’t bother sending any and save both of us the trouble.

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