The List

List of companies or people I will never do business with and why:

Name: Sony
Location: Global

  1. Installing malicious software on PCs owned by buyers of music CDs
  2. Promoting the Playstation 3 as having support for multiple operating systems, then later removing the feature (leaving the US government, among others, in possession of a supercomputer cluster that can never be upgraded, updated or repaired), then suing someone who figured out how to re-enable the feature.

Name: Here Comes the Bride
Location: Somers Point, N.J.
Reason: Bigotry

Name: Cisco
Location: San Jose, CA
Reason: Collaborating with the government of China to suppress human rights for profit.

Name: Comcast
Location: United States

  1. Prominent opposition to net neutrality
  2. Generally terrible service and customer service

This page is incomplete and will be updated as needed.

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